The Motion Lights

Well, yesterday turned into quite the fiasco. Let me start at the beginning. While at my apartment on the first day of getting the keys, my Dad noticed that one of the light switches in the kitchen was covered over with a strip of packing tape. He asked the landlord why, and was told it was due to the motion lights on the corner of the deck. Turning off the switch apparently screws them up, so the tape was there to prevent accidental flipping of the switch. Well, I happen to have a night vision scope, which I use to check out the sky at night, and sometimes record what I see. Upon venturing out onto the deck that first night, the motion lights kicked on… BAM! It was like daylight out there! Well that’s a little too bright for my night vision scope, so I needed to figure something out. I asked the landlord if I could remove the tape and turn them off when needed, and he said sure. So I am not sure why the tape was there to begin with now, if turning them off is suddenly no problem, but I wasn’t going to complain. My Dad reminded me that they make a switch cover that arcs over the switch to prevent habitual flipping, but you CAN get your fingers in if necessary. Perfect, I thought! So, yesterday, I spent 3/4 of my lunch hour at Home Depot, looking for these covers.I finally found them, and there was a choice between beige and white. I had a 50-50 chance of being right, so I picked white. Well, now I know why I never win the lottery. Of course when I got home, the light switch is beige. So, I grudgingly returned to Home Depot in the evening, and swapped out the colors. To my surprise, it was very easy to install, so I should’ve expected something else to go wrong. well, night-time came, and I got all excited to flip off the switch. “Click”… nothing. The lights were still blaring away!! What the hell?! How could this be?? So, I located the fuse-box, and found a circuit breaker labeled “Lites” (sp). I thought “great, at least I can flip them off from here!”. Well, I flipped it, and not only did THOSE lights go off, but so did half of the lights inside the apartment! GRRR, all this Home Depot shopping for nothing. Apparently it is a dead switch, and the lights are hard wired. I now REALLY have no idea what purpose the tape served! It looks like I will have to resort to finding a piece of cardboard tall enough to stand up and block the light when I want to use my night vision. Oh well, at least the switch cover will make a good conversation piece! Hopefully TONIGHT will be my first full night of relaxing (I say for the third night in a row)… stay tuned!

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